Experience the Confidence & Clarity of a WealthCheck Plan

Made Simple

What can Mission Private Wealth
& the WealthCheck Financial Plan do for you?

What is WealthCheck?

WealthCheck is our signature financial planning program, designed with you in mind. We’ve learned from top financial planners in the industry, and with decades of real world experience, to develop a process that will get your financial life organized and aligned toward your life goals.

Step 1: Get clear on your goals

Step 2: Together we build your WealthCheck plan with your goals in mind and extensive knowledge of your current financial situation.

Step 3: We implement your plan with time tested systems, portfolios to meet your investment needs, and asset protection strategies that seek to protect you and your family from the unimaginable and unexpected.

When you’re finished with this process, you’ll have a clear and concise view of your financial life…possibly for the first time in your life!

We will meet as often as necessary to continue progress on your financial goals. For some clients, this is monthly, for others, it is one time per year. We recommend meeting no less than twice per year to ensure we’re communicating and understanding any changes in your life.

Where do I start?

Our first meeting is a complimentary in person, phone or video conference, in which we will determine if we’re a good fit for each other. Once we’ve determine a path forward, you’ll receive …

The WealthCheck Process:

  • Together we clarify your financial priorities and objectives
  • With you we will develop your WealthCheck Plan
  • We will implement your plan with automated systems

What you need to do before our meeting:

Gather any and all financial related documents, including the following:

  • Bank, Mortgage, Debt, Investment Account, Retirement Account (401k, IRA, Roth IRA, Cash Balance Plan) statements
  • Insurance Policies or statements

WealthCheck Process

Stage 1

WealthCheck Financial Plan Development

  • Name Objectives
  • SIMPLE “Written” Plan : Cornerstones of Wealth Building
  • Implement with Mission Private Wealth systems and review semi-annual or annually.

Stage 3

WealthCheck Action Items

Investment Process:

  • We align your assets with the appropriate portfolio based on the results from Stage 2.
  • Portfolio Construction and Screening
    We utilize Zacks Advisor Tools, Morningstar, and LPL Financial Research Group to screen for the following requirements:
    1. manager tenure,
    2. below average exp. ratio,
    3. Active v. Passive Category
    4. Tax efficiency

Stage 2

Determine Your WealthStage

In this stage we get clear about the intent of your portfolio, using the “WealthStage” of the portfolio as a guide for how to invest.

  • Determine Investment Purposes (Time Horizon of invested funds and Investment Profile – use Riskalyze) – whether strategic or tactical (possible active v passive)
  • Pre-Earner (Family Values/Investment Education) – Grade school to college
  • New-Earner (Serious Saving begins—growth investor) – fresh college grad/trade school new career—Understand your your paycheck, save, pay off loans, develop credit, home buying—new to stock markets,
  • Mature Earner (Maximum Accumulation reached)—career path set, good earning, max saving, home/debt pay down increases, having babies, college savings, caring for aging parents, gaining more investment knowledge and experience
  • Pre-Retiree (Final Accumulation—emphasize on max savings, and retirement income preservation—growth with income investors), caring for aging parents, healthcare becomes priority, second career, volunteer work.
  • Retiree (Income Distribution—income investor)
  • Legacy Distributor (Pass on Family Values and Charitable Intent)